The link between erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety

Due to expectations or personal worries, it is common for all the men to experience performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction at some point in life. Those men who have stress about sex can have a problem such as performance anxiety.

The link between Performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction

There are several ways wherein erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety are released. Stress and anxiety about performing a sexual activity or pleasing a partner can cause Impotence in men. In men, the feeling of inadequacy can lower self-esteem and this can turn into physical symptoms such as Impotence.

Causes of performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is something that is caused due to negative thoughts and affects one’s ability to work.  This can include feelings of sexual inadequacy or inability to please a partner.

These feelings are influenced by body image, penis size or perceptions about the man’s role. Also, the negative thoughts related to one’s life may contribute to performance anxiety.

Dealing with stress at work or in the family can also influence a man’s mental state and can contribute to performance anxiety.

Causes of Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is caused due to simple factors that contribute to this disorder. Erectile dysfunction can occur when there is disruption in the process which is related to getting an erection. ED is said to be in men when he is unable to maintain an erection.

Other than performance anxiety following disorder can also contribute to erectile dysfunction:
  1. Depression
  2. Disinterest
  3. Low testosterone levels
  4. Stress
  5. Nerve damage from diabetes
  6. Recent surgery
At times the meds also do contribute to the disorder and below given are the few meds:
  • Anti-inflammatory disorder
  • Antidepressant
  • High blood pressure meds
  • Muscle relaxer
  • Hormone therapy meds


Performance anxiety affects every person differently as the body of every person responds to stress and anxiety differently.  Due to this, the body can produce various symptoms such as premature ejaculation, inability to orgasm or loss in interest of sex.

The physical symptom of Impotence does include getting or keeping an erection which leads to loss of sexual desire.

How to cope up with performance anxiety and ED?

The following are a few tips which can help to deal with Performance anxiety and Impotence and helps to have a positive experience towards sexual life.

Avoid cycling

Many men can have performance anxiety due to cycling and having disappointing sexual experience from time to time due to this event is possible. This can also make the men feel anxious about sexual activity in the future and this can lead to Impotence. 

Hence men are asked to avoid more cycling as this can hurt the sexual health of men.

Focus on the senses

Men with performance anxiety may feel that they cannot sexual make the partner happy. While such is the condition it is advised that a man does focus the mind and in case of any such issue occurs men can simply buy online Kamagra Oral Jelly and get the disorder treated.

A lot of times the performance anxiety leads to ED and both this disorder must be being treated. Treating both the disorder helps men cope up with this disorder.

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