How can one improve the blood flow to the penis?

At least 40% of men have the disorder such as erectile dysfunction and most of the men get affected with this disorder after the age of 40. Usually, men only can come across the problem of erection and slowly this makes them lose confidence and also men become unable to indulge in sexual intimacy. When you become unable to arouse sexually completely, then one can make the use of the online Generic Viagra.

Generic Viagra is the medical method that can help men have an erection, but there are certainly different ways that can help men have an increased blood flow towards the penis. Following are the natural elements that can help to have an increased blood flow towards the penis.


Cinnamon is the ingredient that is used mostly in food and this helps to improve heart health. As per the researchers, the cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic acid are the major compounds in the cinnamon which can help to increase the nitric oxide and reduce the vascular tension.


Garlic is used to improve the blood flow in the body.  As per the researchers, this ingredient works effectively and helps to have improved blood flow in the body. When garlic is consumed it helps to improve the endothelial functions and helps to relax the arteries and increases the blood flow in the body.

Omega  3 fatty acids

Fishes are high in omega 3 fatty acids and fishes such as salmon are good for the blood flow and also excellent for the sources of proteins. Fishes do have a number of health benefits and also have the ability to reduce the blood pressure in the body.


Onions are the ingredients that are mostly used in the food and are also rich in flavonoid antioxidants. These elements in the onions help to dilate the arteries and improve cardiovascular health. As per the researchers the regular consumption of onion help to extract the benefits which can help to improve cardiovascular health.

Citrus fruits

Lemons, organs, grapefruit juice, and other citrus fruits are the one which contains an adequate number of flavorings. These flavonoids are the one that helps to improve the blood flow and heart health in men.

While men are on med such as Generic Viagra, they are asked to avoid the consumption of grapefruit juice. 

Dark chocolate

Like other foods, chocolates are also rich in cacao percentage and this is rich in flavonoids, which helps to improve the functions of the heart. Men are asked to consume dark chocolate as this is one of the best which helps to improve the blood flow in the body.

While you are asked to increase the intake of certain foods, you must avoid or limit certain foods. Men are asked to limit the consumption of slat, trans-fats, and sugar. Also, do make sure that you are hydrated as an adequate amount of blood flow in the body helps to have smooth blood flow in the body.

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