Treat your Erection issue in no time with Kamagra pill

Our modern world today suffers a lot and so do men suffer a lot. It is very disappointing when men do have a disorder such as erectile dysfunction which makes it harder for men to have or maintain an erection. Men do feel shy about this disorder and it is necessary that one must speak about this disorder and get it treated with the help of the remedy. Once this disorder is diagnosed, the health care provider can safely make the use of this remedy and get the pregnancy terminated. One can simply buy Kamagra 100mg pill online after consulting health care provider.

Mechanism Kamagra 100mg pill

  1. Men may wonder the mechanism of this remedy as this is one of the effective methods which help men to deal with the erection. One can completely rely on this remedy and get the erection back. This remedy does work effectively and help men to perform well in bed. 
  2. Once the Kamagra pill is administrated it works by releasing the nitric oxide in the body. When the sildenafil citrate in the remedy releases the chemical it stimulates the essential enzymes known as cGMP and makes the blood flow into the penis. When the blood flows into the penis increases, it helps the penis to stay stiff and helps to get back the erection.

Consumption of this ED pill

While one does consume this ED remedy it is necessary that they must be aware of the following things.

  1. One needs to use this Sildenafil citrate pill 30 minutes before you get into sexual activity.
  2. Also, do make sure that you do consume a light meal
  3. Any sort of fatty acids should be dodged from the meal.


  1. Those men who wish to make the use of Kamagra pill need to check the following criteria
  2. Those men who have medical issues related to liver, kidney, heart, diabetes and blood pressure are asked to avoid the use of this remedy strictly.
  3. Those men who have chronic health issues need to strictly stay away from the use of this remedy. 
  4. Those men who are a senior need to make sure that they do use order Kamagra online only if it is prescribed to them. 

After effects

After one does make the use of Kamagra pill, it is common to have some of the side effects. Those people who make the use of this pill can have a headache, back pain, muscle pain, and dizziness. Other than this some other side effects such as heart attack, pain in the chest, shortness of breath, prolonged erection, blur vision, and vomiting can be experienced. At the time the side effects got worse and one may require medical treatment to get the side effects treated.


  • Kamagra pill interacts with remedy and hence it is suggested that one, do check the remedy with the health care provider and then use the remedy.
  • Alcohol and nitrates are the ones which interact and do result in side effects and hence one needs to avoid the use of alcohol and nitrates. 
  • Also, it is mandatory that one must avoid performing any of the activity which requires alertness as this pill can cause dizziness in men.

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