The link between ED meds and alcohol

Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder which affects men of all ages. In fact, as per the data, more than 18 million men over the age of 20 to have erectile dysfunction. Thankfully, this disorder can be treated effectively with the help of med such as online Generic Viagra. This med helps to enhance sexual performance and make the erection easy in men. 

Generic Viagra is the med which helps men to have an erection. As erectile dysfunction is affected due to Alcohol, this med also shows some of the negative effects after making the use of this pill. However, the performance of the pill gets effected due to consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol and ED pill

It is usually okay to consume a small amount of alcohol while you plan to make the use of a little blue pill. While it is unsafe to drink an excessive amount of alcohol and there can be negative effects if one does consume beer or spirits in excess quantity.

You can follow the normal rules which can help you avoid the drinking too much alcohol
  • Know the limits and do not drink in a hurry
  • In case if you are worried about getting drunk, then do limit yourself to one serving per hour
  • Consume water, fruit juices and soda or other non-alcoholic beverages which can help to stay hydrated.
  • When you do feel intoxicated do take breaks from the alcoholic beverages and stick to non-alcoholic beverages.

Usually, it is safe to drink with most of the pill, but consumption of alcohol can have an effect on the optimal sexual performance. Instead, the consumption of alcohol can even lead to a disorder such as Erectile dysfunction and reduced sexual performance.

When the little blue pill is consumed or any other ED MED is consumed it can lead to health risks. This sometimes even affects the working of the pill.

Alcohol is depressing and this means the blood flow in the body is reduced which causes Erectile dysfunction. The consumption of alcohol has counter effects on the working of the pill and it is harder to maintain and get an erection when men are aroused.

Alcohol suppresses the body’s testosterone level and depressed soon after the consumption of alcohol. Due to this, the hormones in the body may decrease and sexual drive due to this pill can get reduced.

While such stuff like alcohol is being consumed it breaks the ability of the pill to work. The smaller amount of the pill does enter your bloodstream and further reduces the effectiveness of the pill.

In short, when alcohol is consumed in excess it causes severe damage to the ability of a person to perform in bed.

It is nothing wrong to consume the drinks while you are on pills, but this can optimal the sexual drive and erection in men. Such drinks do reduce the effectiveness of the pill in several ways and reduce the blood flow to the penis. Limiting the consumption of alcohol is one of the beneficial ways which helps to enjoy sexual life.

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