Erectile dysfunction and linked up issues

The main cause behind erection in men 

There are several men those who have a disorder such as Erectile dysfunction. They do not discuss such disorder and at times even fail to seek the remedies which help to treat the disorder. The main reason behind men having erection issues is atherosclerosis or hardening of arteries. After the age of 50, the arteries in the body become less flexible due to which they do not expand and the blood flow is restricted. 

At the time, plaque can also be a build-up in the arteries due to which the less amount of blood flows in the penis. This reduced blood flow can cause Erection issues as well as can be the reason behind men having erection issues. If the men above the age of 50 do have Erection issues, then it can majorly be because of atherosclerosis. Whatever may be the reason a man can simply get online Kamagra pill and get the disorder treated effectively. 

Erectile dysfunction and heart disorder

A study was conducted wherein men were diagnosed for five years. After every three months, the men were checked with the symptoms of the Erectile dysfunction. By the end of the five-year study, at least 57% of men had developed Erection issues. Also, it was diagnosed that men's those who have Erection issues were at risk of having a cardiac event. It was also concluded that older men with Impotence have two times more risk of having the cardiovascular disorder. 

Impotence is an early sign

Around 70% of men do have a cardiac arrest and death do occur due to this reason. This happens mostly because several men do ignore the warning signs and skip the examination, which helps them to diagnose and seek the proper treatment. The blood vessels in the penis are smaller as compared to other parts of the body and hence the problem such as high blood pressure or cardiovascular disorder result in Impotence. 

Impotence and partner

When the strength and frequency of your erection are not enough to pleasure your partner, then it is necessary to seek help from the health care provider. In case your partner does notice any of the changes in your erection, then there are chances that your sexual intimacy may get affected. To avoid such complications, you can secretly buy Kamagra online from an online store and use it to have an erection and perform well in bed. 

Prescribed drugs and erectile dysfunction

There are several MEDs which are used widely and certain MEDs do cause Impotence in men. Many MEDs such as anti-depressant pills and blood pressure pills do interact and result in Erectile dysfunction. Even this prescribed MEDs do cause decreased libido, reduced sensitivity and also do interfere with blood flow. Getting an erection is a complicated issue and hormones, nerves and every part of the body need to work in sync so that it can help men have an erection. In case if the reason behind an erection issue is MEDs, then do check the MEDs which physician and get the MEDs changed.

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