Know the link between Kamagra and Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in men

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is one such disorder which is growing malady in men. This is one of the known sexual disorder which generally describes the inability of men to have an erection. Erectile dysfunction results due to the improper blood supply to the male organ or penis. Proper use of MEDs can help men to deal with the failure of erection.

How are Kamagra and Impotence linked?

These MEDs contain Sildenafil citrate as an active ingredient, and this is one of the known remedies for Impotence. This is the MEDs which relaxes the muscles present in the wall of the blood vessel and helps the blood flow to increase in the penile area. This remedy works if the underlying condition behind erectile dysfunction is physical and psychological.


Before you do buy Kamagra 100mg online make sure you do check the underlying conditions with your health care provider. Once your health care provider prescribes you to make the use of this remedy make sure that you do use it as prescribed. Men are asked to administrate Kamagra pill only when they are supposed to engage in sexual intimacy. Also, men must be sexually stimulated or aroused for this ED pill to work effectively. More than one dose of this Sildenafil citrate pill should not be administrated as this can result in side effects.


While using Sildenafil pill men need to make sure that they check for the following conditions
  1. Men should not have any chronic health issue related to liver, kidney, heart, and diabetes should strictly avoid the use of the Kamagra pill. 
  2. Those men who are allergic to the vital ingredient of this remedy, then you need to make sure that you do not make the use of this ED MEDs.
  3. If the age of men is more than 65 years and wishes to make the use of Kamagra pill then men are suggested to use this remedy under the supervision of the health care provider.
After effects

Mild effects

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Back pain

Severe side effects

  1. Nausea
  2. Pin on chest
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Indigestion
  5. Painful erection 
  6. An erection lasting for long hours

Of course, Kamagra pill is the best remedy which helps to treat erection disorder, but it might result in some unpleasant side effects. The side effects which are being experienced can sometimes turn out to be worse and men may require medical treatment to get the side effects treated.

Important points

  • While you are using Kamagra online to make sure that you avoid the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol interacts and results in side effects as well reduces the effectiveness of the pill.
  • The meal which is rich in fats should be strictly avoided as these delays the response.
  • This ED pill is not prescribed for the use of women and children.
  • Nitrates interactions with this Sildenafil pill and hence men are asked to strictly avoid the consumption of nitrates in any form.
  • At least 6-7 doses of this medicine should be used so that you can experience the positive effects of the pill.
  • After 7 uses if you do not experience a change in your erection, then you need to avoid using Sildenafil pill or may have to change the doses.

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