Kamagra oral jelly- To avoid losing virility due to erectile dysfunction

The only word erectile dysfunction is enough to shake the confidence of men. You must have heard about this disorder and there are millions of men in the USA who are diagnosed with this disorder and this disorder sometimes is a reason behind men’s ruined love life. Hence as a remedy to this disorder men started to buy online kamagra oral jelly USA. There are many of the men those who use this medicine and this medicine being FDA approved millions of men rely on it. For some of the men, this medicine has proved to be a blessing and this helps men to have uninterrupted erections.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Men, those who are above the age of 40 are mostly diagnosed with this disorder. Age is not a factor which can help you know when you are going to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. But many other physical and psychological factors do have an effect on your erection. Not only men with increasing age but men at a young age can even have this disorder and this happens due to the lifestyle and habits. This disorder if is not been treated then can lead to many issues such as ruining the love life of couples and loss of confidence in men. Erectile dysfunction is the disorder which affects the ability of the men to maintain and keep an erection.

About the sildenafil pill

Kamagra oral jelly like other erection pills contain Sildenafil citrate but in gel form due to which its consumption is easy. This medicine is mostly used by men with increasing age because this medicine gets dissolved easily as you place it on your tongue and helps you to easily have an erection.

Why do men face problem while having an erection?

Usually, erection takes place due to cGMP enzymes which force the blood to flow to the penis and this happens due to nitric oxide in the body. When there is an increase in PDE 5 enzymes and a decrease in cGMP enzymes, the blood cannot be forced to the penis and due to lack of blood flow to the male organ men are unable to have erections.

Functioning of the oral jelly

When a man administrates Kamagra oral jelly it helps him by releasing the nitric oxide in the body. This nitric oxide is important because when it gets released in blood it stimulates the cGMP enzymes and these enzymes help men by forcing the blood to the penis. When the blood is forced to the male organ it helps to have erection and men can easily indulge in sexual activity and last for a long time in bed.

Consumption care

When you order kamagra oral jelly make sure that you do consume it with a light meal and do avoid the consumption of fatty foods before consuming this erection pill. This Sildenafil jelly pill can be simply administrated with a glass of water and this medicine gets activated in your body within 30 minutes. As this medicine is available in gel form it easily gets dissolved in the body and gets mixed with the blood and helps men to have an easy erection in a natural way.

Restricted users

  1. Pills like sildenafil citrate are not prescribed to women or children as well healthy men are suggested to restrict the use of kamagra oral jelly.
  2. If men are allergic to any of the ingredient of the sildenafil gel then he needs to avoid using these medicines to have an erection.
  3. If the age of women is more than 65 years then you need to use this Sildenafil jelly only under the supervision of the health care provider.
  4. Men those who are diagnosed with chronic health issues should make sure that they do not use this Kamagra oral jelly medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Side effects

Kamagra oral jelly results in side effects like headache, back pain, muscle pain, dizziness, and drowsiness. These are the mild side effects and these side effects may vanish after some time and may not require any treatment. Heart attack, pain in the chest, shortness of breath, trouble breathing, rashes, vomiting, diarrhea and erection which lasts for more than four hours are some of the serious side effects and it is necessary that if these side effects get worse then you need to seek emergency help. Other than these side effects you can also have some of the allergic symptoms and it is necessary that you do treat this symptom under the supervision of healthcare expert if they are been experienced.


Kamagra oral jelly interacts with various drugs and hence it is necessary that you do check the medicines that you with your doctor to confirm that they do not interact with this sildenafil jelly pill. Also consuming alcohol, grapefruit juice, nitrates can interact with Kamagra oral jelly and result in side effects. If you are using this sildenafil pill then you need to make sure that you do avoid doing the work which requires alertness and this pill makes you feel dizzy doing alert required jobs can lead to accidents. Nitrates are to be avoided strictly as they interact and result in side effects.

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