Beat your impotence with affordable medicine- Kamagra oral jelly

Erectile dysfunction is the known disorder which is been faced by thousands of men. There are thousands of men those who have this disorder and there are various reason behind this. Erectile dysfunction or impotence can strike men with increasing age as well men at a young age. You need to diagnose your disorder and use kamagra oral jelly online as an appropriate treatment. Not only this medicine there are many other remedies like injection and pumps which need to be used as per the severity of the impotence. This disorder can sometimes ruin your complete sexual life and hence it is necessary that you do seek a proper treatment for it.

Impotence and remedies:

Erectile dysfunction in short only and only affects your ability to have or sustain an erection. This happens mostly due to lack of blood flow but there are also many of the physical and psychological factors which have a direct impact on your erection. Nowadays medicine is one of the best factors which can help you treat your impotence but if you have it to an extreme level then pumps and injections are the remedies which you can stick to.

About Kamagra oral jelly:

Kamagra oral jelly contains sildenafil gel which helps you treat your erection issues. Like other medicine, this medicine too is available in pill form. This tablet contains a gel-like substance which helps you treat erection. This tablet is more convenient for use of adults above 65 years. As you place this ED drug on your tongue this medicine gets dissolved and helps you again have an erection. It is possible to overcome your erection issues with this medicine. You can simply buy kamagra oral jelly 100mg if you have severe issues of erection and the other dose of 25mg is used for the treatment of less erection problem and 50mg is used to treat the normal erection issues. You need to use the appropriate dose as per your severity.

Work mechanism:

Kamagra oral jelly releases the nitric oxide in the body. When this chemical messenger gets released in the body it helps to stimulate the cGMP enzymes which force the blood to flow in the penis. Once the blood flows to the penis it helps you again have an erection. This sildenafil pill will take 15-20 minutes to get active in your body and get you the desired results but it stays active in your body for 4-6 hours.  This medicine belongs to the PDE5 inhibitors group and helps to block the PDE5 enzymes that cut down the cGMP enzymes. cGMP enzymes get blocked due to increase in PDE5 enzymes and this leads to no blood flow to the penis.

Consumption process:

Kamagra oral jelly should be consumed with a glass of water and you cannot take more than 1 pill in 24 hours for treating erection issues. You can even consume this medicine with food but using it without food helps you to get the desired results. Also, it is important that you do make sure that you are sexually aroused so that pill can work actively.

Conditions for using this sildenafil jelly:

Kamagra oral jelly is not prescribed to the men those who have medical issues related to kidney, liver, heart, blood pressure and diabetes. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients of this sildenafil jelly then you need to stay away from the use of this ED drug. If you are above the age of 65 years then you need to use this medicine only if it is prescribed to you. Healthy men, those who can have erection, women, and children are suggested that they do avoid the use of this medicine for the treatment.

After effects of using kamagra oral jelly:

This sildenafil jelly pill results in some of the mild effects like a headache, back pain, muscle pain, dizziness, and drowsiness, as this are the mild effects they do not require any treatment. The other serious and rare side effect that you can experience are pain in the chest, heart attack, shortness of breath, sensitivity to light and erection lasting for more than four hours. These serious side effects are not faced by every person and if is experienced then seeking a medical help is necessary.

Be aware of the following precautions:

  • Nitrates interact with kamagra oral jelly and hence you are suggested that you do avoid the consumption of nitrates in any form.
  • There are many of the medicines like cimetidine, herbal supplements, nitrate drugs, erythromycin which interacts with kamagra oral jelly 100mg and results negative hence you are suggested that you do once check with your healthcare provider regarding the use of other medicines with this ED drug.
  • Alcohol, smoke and grapefruit juice should be strictly prohibited as it can delay the results as well can lead to side effects.
  • If the erection lasts for more than four hours then this can lead to nerves damage and hence you require a treatment in such condition.

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