Frequently asked question about erectile dysfunction

What is the male impotence malady or erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction or which is most commonly referred to as male impotence is the inability of a man to get an erection though he is sexually stimulated to have intercourse. In some cases the man is not able to keep an erection for a prolonged period and this is also termed as premature ejaculation which can in future lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction. In few cases if the erection occurs still the erection is not hard enough to have sexual intercourse.

Does erectile dysfunction happen due to age?

Some feel that the problem of ED is a symptom of ageing but this is not always true ED may  cause to men of younger ages in fact it is also seen in men below the age of 40. In case of older men the stimulation is not more hence older men may face the problem of ED and in few cases due to age the blood vessels start getting damaged and then the blood does not reach the penile area properly. In older men the issues of heart issues are also seen and so they suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction. In fact those men who are suffering from the problem of heart or blood vessels issues at lower ages suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction. So it is more connected to health factors rather than the factors of age.

Can erectile dysfunction be prevented?

Those who want to prevent the occurrence of ED need to first work on the issue that can lead to the problem of ED. the main problems have been due to the heart disease, The main factor needed is to maintain the desirable weight eat healthy food and quit smoking or excessive drinking of alcohol. This will keep the cholesterol or the blood pressure low. You can also get regular check-up for cholesterol and blood pressure done and this is to check the problems if it occurs especially after the age of 35.

Can erectile dysfunction be cured?

This is another question that is very famous. If you want to cure ED with the help of the medications then it is not possible as these medications may help the person to get rid of the erections for the time period but the person will not get any lifetime cure with this medication. They have to undergo a health check-up to know the reason which has lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction and the treatment for the problem is needed.

What are the different ways for the treatment of ED?

There are different kinds of treatment for the problem of ED. The first is the medication methods were men buy generic viagra online which is one of the famous pills that helps in getting an erection. This way the person can get an erection. There are other ED medications that contain vardenafil and Sildenafil that can help in the erection disorder. There are other methods to get rid of the problem of erection like sex therapy, penile injections, and also surgery. There is also process of penile implantations to get a erection.  The oral medications have till date proved to be efficient enough to get an erection and this has been grossly used by men. There are different doses of these ED medications like generic viagra 100mg which contains the active ingredient Sildenafil citrate in the same strength and this medication is supposed to be very powerful dosage and this given to men who suffer from the problem of intense ED.

Insurance cover of the treatment of ED

Those who are suffering from the problem of ED can get the insurance cover for the treatment depending upon the type of treatment they are taking. The sex therapies and the medications do not cover any insurance treatment.

A person getting an erection in the morning does not have ED

A person can have the problem of ED although when he is getting an erection in the morning. This can be called as the partial ED which can go away when the issue is solved. This is supposed to happen when the person suffers from the problem of anxiety, stress or depression or some psychological issue.

If you are not getting an erection means the person is sufferi8ng from the problem of erectile dysfunction.

There are lots of reason that may lead to the problem of reception and it’s not always true that if the person is not able to have an erection then the person is may be tired or having some temporary issues. Those who have been suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction will get a prolonged problem and this way they will not get an issue.

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