Know the different ways to keep away erectile dysfunction

There are different medicines that will help in treating the problem of erectile dysfunction and this does not cure for the problem. Those who are approaching to a certain age they should make sure that they start with the different process of prevention of erectile dysfunction. The major medication that is used to get an erection is generic viagra 100mg that helps when a man is not able to get an erection is the lower doses of the medication.

Those who are planning to get the medication for the treatment should consult the doctor at the first instance and then the person should buy generic viagra online.  There are other medications that a person can take to get an erection in case the person is suffering allergic to the ingredient that is contained in generic viagra that is Sildenafil citrate.

There are a few instances when you can easily prevent the start of the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Have a watch on your weight

You need to make sure that you do not gain weight any times especially in your belly region. When you get obese this also leads high level of cholesterol and diabetes. These problems damage the blood vessels of the person and this way the blood does not reach the penile area and this way the person suffers from the problem erectile dysfunction hence it is necessary that the person keeps a check on weight and also the blood pressure and the level of cholesterol in the body.

Undergo a Mediterranean diet

There are lots of men who are undergoing the treatment for ED and they buy generic viagra for a temporary basis but if they undergo a diet change maybe they can get rid of the problem of erectile dysfunction for a longer period of time and then recover the problem easily. As we know that the problem of erectile dysfunction is related to the problem of heart so a healthy food that is friendly for the heart can also be healthy to the problem of erection. You should cut back the artery-clogging food like full-m fat dietary food, fried foods, and red meat. You should consume more fresh veggies, fish, and whole grains that will help to recover the problem of erection soon.

Managing the blood pressure issues

When a person suffers from the problem of high blood pressure then it can narrow the blood pressure very early. When the blood pressure narrows the blood insufficiently reaches the penile area. When the blood is adequate it leads to the softer erection or no erections at all.  You need to regularly check your blood pressure so that you do not suffer from the problem of blood pressure in the near future.

Cut down the problem of cholesterol

When the person suffers from the problem of cholesterol and then the blood vessels start thinning and this way the person sufferers from the problem of less blood flow to the penile area. This cholesterol starts increasing when a person starts taking lots of stress or avoids physical exercises. There are different diet changes that you can make and also add exercises to your routine to get rid of the problem of high cholesterol.

Quit smoking at the earliest

Those who have a habit of smoking should quit it at the earliest so that they can easily get rid of the smoking habit and this way they can also get rid of the problem of erection. In fact, those who are planning to start with generic viagra 50 mg for them they have to stop smoking as this decreases the efficacy of the medicines. Smoking also narrows the blood vessels and this then decreases the proper blood flow to the entire body parts.

Stick to moderate drinking

Those who are habitual about drinking should also drink less or occasionally to refrain from the problem of increasing cholesterol in the blood. Too much erection leads to the problem of softer erections and this actually decreases when the person cuts down the drinking habits.

Keep a check on the testosterone level

The level of testosterone stops at the age of 30 and this keep on falling with the increasing age. When this level falls too low then the sex drive of a person also decreases and this way you may not have sexual stimulation and the ability of the erection also decreases. A simple blood test can also make sure whether the person is able to get an erection or not or what is the level of testosterone in the body.

Stress management

Those who are suffering from the problem of stress or relationship problems or suffering from the problem of major life change then the libido of a person can be very poor. This then does not give a proper erection. You need to cut down the problem of stress by incorporating meditation into your day-to-day life.

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