Hard erection pill to overcome erectile dysfunction

Increasing age is a part of life and all go through it. There are many of the disorders which can be faced or which accompany with increasing age. Like all disorder, the male impotence is a disorder which is found in millions of men. This is the disorder which can make the life of couples go through many problems. This disorder is common now but still, men find it awkward to discuss it with anyone may be a doctor or a partner and buy viagra generic online so that they can treat this disorder effectively. All the ingredients in this medication are tested and is approved by FDA.

Increasing age, disorder, stress, medications, and many other factors are responsible due to which men face the problem of erectile dysfunction. Amongst all lack of blood flow is one of the major problems which contribute to this erection problem. The lack of blood flow usually happens due to PDE5 inhibitors and due to damage caused to nerves. Hence it is important that you should diagnose first so that you come to know the reason behind your erection problem.  Erectile dysfunction is not a big disorder it’s a disorder due to which men is unable to have and maintain an erection for sexual intimacy.

Diabetes, kidney, liver and blood pressure patients are the one who is restricted to use generic viagra. Generic viagra contains sildenafil citrate so that you can treat erectile dysfunction effective. This is the medication which belongs to the group of PDE5 inhibitors. This medication works in a natural way so that men can have an erection. Generic viagra works on the brain by making it send a message to the penis. Penis then in return releases the nitric oxide which is responsible for stimulating blood vessels. Once the blood vessels get relaxed the blood flows properly in the penis so that it can help men to have an erection.

cGMP enzymes are responsible for making the blood flow to the sexual parts. Due to increase in PDE5 enzymes cGMP enzymes get blocked and it restricts the blood flow. These sildenafil pills are not sexual drive stimulator so if you want to use this medication then it is important that sexual drive should be present. This medication was first used to treat hypertension. The patients who used it reported the side effect of having a stronger erection which was after that used for treating erection problem. This drug should not be used if you are allergic to sildenafil citrate. This little blue pill is one of the trusted remedies which treats impotence and hypertension.   

The basic and ideal dose of generic viagra starts from 25mg which is used to treat the patients with less erection problem and exceeds till 100mg which is the prescribed dose for patients with more erectile dysfunction. 50mg dose of sildenafil pill is used by the normal and beginner as this is the recommended dose for treating men with normal erection. Some of the men have occasional problem of erection and they are not suggested to use this sildenafil pills. Senior men who have erectile dysfunction should use this medication only if it is clearly prescribed by a doctor. Healthy men who have erection, women and children are not suggested to use this medication.

This sildenafil pills should be taken one hour before you involve in sexual intimacy. There are some of the common effects of this medication like a headache, back pain, blur vision and muscle pain and these symptoms may go away after some time. You may also experience some of the serious side effects like fatigue, shortness of breath, pain in chest and painful erection for a long time. If you notice any of the serious symptoms then you may need to seek help from a doctor so that they can get treated effectively.

Dizziness is the usual symptom which is been experienced after using generic viagra. Hence you should not involve in alert required work so that you can avoid an accident. Though this sildenafil pill helps to treat erectile dysfunction, it will not help you to cure this disorder. Nitrates containing medication, alpha blocker, mibefradil, and cimetidine are some of the medications that interact with this medication. There are also other medications that react with generic viagra so make sure that you do look for the medications you use.

The dose of this little blue pill should not be alerted as per own view. Alcohol consumption can delay the effective results so do not booze if you are using this sildenafil pills. Grapefruit consumption can make you have the symptoms of hypertension so make sure that you do not consume grapefruit in excess quantity. If your physician has prescribed generic viagra for daily use then you need to take this medication as prescribed but make sure that you maintain a 24-hour gap between two doses. Generic viagra online is easily available as they provide them handy and at an affordable price.

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