Food helping to improve the sexual desire

Sexual desire or libido is the important part of sexual intimacy. Having sexual desire is important while having intimacy. Your libido can decrease due to many of the reasons but you can maintain it by including some of the food in your diet. Do not worry you don’t need to have any exotic food from faraway lands.

Following are the foods which can help you to improve the sexual desire:


       Spinach is rich in magnesium. This is a mineral which helps to decrease the inflammation in blood and increases the blood flow. As the blood flow in the body increases so does the increase in sexual drive. Like Viagra, it helps men to arouse. Including spinach in your diet can help men to have an erection without using any of the medication.

Dark chocolate:

      Chocolate helps to increase serotonin and dopamine level in the brain due to which the stress level is lowered. Chocolate is a mood booster and another theory behind it is cocoa which helps to increase the blood flow in arteries and relaxes the vessels due to which blood is properly directed to the right parts of the body. Hence you can use chocolate so that your libido can increase.


       Pepper is the king of all the spices and it helps you to increase the metabolism and also stimulate the endorphins. Consuming pepper can increase your heart rate and make you sweat which indicates that essential blood is flowing to the parts of your body and helps you to have a better sex.

  1. Green tea:

     Green tea contains catechins. Catechins are best to reduce the belly fats and also improve the speed of turning the fats into energy. Catechins not only help to lose the belly fats but also boost the desire by increasing the blood flow. Catechins help to kill the free radicals due to which damage and inflammation are caused to the blood vessel. Green tea helps to boost the blood vessels which releases nitric oxide and increases the size of blood vessels which leads to improved blood flow.


    Oyster contains zinc in high quantity and it is a mineral which elevates testosterone.  Research has also found that deficiencies in zinc can also lead to infertility caused due to low testosterone level.


     Ginger is one of the best remedies which can help you to improve the blood flow and also improves artery health. Studies have concluded that adding a teaspoon of ginger to your diet can help you to have heart-healthy benefits. Having ginger for a couple of days a week can help you to improve the blood flow in the body.


    Bananas are rich in potassium and it also helps to reduce the effect of sodium in the body. Sodium rich food not only diminishes the blood flow but also sometimes lead to bloating due to which you may face many of the problems.


     Even potatoes are rich in potassium which helps to cure the bloating caused by salt. Potatoes also help to boost the blood circulation. Studies have proved that there is a link between low potassium level and depression.

A glass of wine:

       One or two glass of wine can help you to boost the libido. Consuming too much of alcohol can make you have erectile dysfunction but consuming a limited wine can help you with a better erection. Too much of alcohol can hurt the ability to have an orgasm so make sure that you have a limited wine.

Red grapes:

         Red grapes are rich in boron which is a mineral that helps your body to produce estrogen and testosterone. An increase in the level of estrogen and testosterone can help you to send energy to the organs which can help you to be in good mood and have an improved sexual desire.

Bell peppers:

          One large bell pepper contains 600 percent of vitamin C which your boy requires. The bell pepper is rich in vitamin C that helps in proper blood circulation and also improves the sexual desire in men. As compared to green bell peppers red bell peppers are rich in vitamin C. So opt more for red bell peppers.


     Garlic contains allicin which is an important component that helps to increase the blood flow. Garlic helps to increase the blood circulation which helps men to have an erection and also helps to improve the libido.


      Walnuts are the great punch which can help you increase the libido. They are rich in L-arginine which gets converted to nitric oxide when it goes in the body. Walnuts help to dilate the blood vessels and improve the circulation of blood which is very helpful for providing oxygen to the sexual organs of the body.


       Saffron is also a natural aphrodisiac which helps to improve the sexual drive in men. You can consume saffron to improve your sexual desire as well as it helps to boost the energy.

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