Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the disorder which affects men from erection. Most of the men order generic viagra online USA as a cure to an erection problem.  This problem is caused due to many of the reasons like medication, stress, anxiety and many of the other physical and psychological factors. Using viagra pills help you to have an erection for a long time but it will not help to cure this disorder. Erection problem takes place due to no or less blood flow to the penis.

Nitrates rich food:

While you are consuming nitrates make sure that you do not intake nitrates with any type of viagra. You can include nitrates in foods like leafy vegetables. Food that is rich in nitrates to increase the blood circulation. Beet juice has been found very rich in nitrates. Hence consuming leafy vegetable and food rich in nitrates open up the blood and increase the blood flow because nitrates are vasodilators.

Dark chocolates:

Flavonoids present in dark chocolate helps to improve the blood circulation. Blood circulation is important for erection. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids which are a antioxidant which helps the to be protected from and also helps to repair the cells. Hence dark chocolate is used because it helps to reduce the cholesterol as well as lowers the blood pressure which contributes mainly an problem.


Pistachios belong to the group of nuts. Studies have found that consuming handful of pistachios for 3 weeks can improve the sexual desire and other sexual disorder in men. There is an in erection due to pistachios because it contains an called arginine which helps to relax the blood vessels and makes the blood to flow properly the . Many of the males use pistachios with other natural herbs like so that they can treat their erection problem.

Oyster and other shellfish:

Zinc in oyster and shellfish helps to improve the erection problem. Oyster has been used as an aphrodisiac a long time.Oyster contains a amount of zinc which helps to produce male hormone testosterone and low level of testosterone which helps to cure erectile dysfunction.


Studies have concluded that watermelon can also be used as a for an problem. Watermelons are rich in phytonutrients; this is a type of antioxidant and helps to relax the blood supplies an erection. This fruit though 92%of water still remaining 8% helps you to treat your erection problem.


Lycopene is present in tomatoes and grapefruit. It also contains which to improve the blood circulation. Lycopene is found in those fruits which are red in color. Studies also prove that if lycopene is absorbed with avocados and olive oil it results in best and helps you fight erection problem. It is also found that it helps to fight male fertility and prostate cancer.

The good diet that you follow the good health you be in, consuming apples, cranberries, peanuts, onions, tea and red wine also helps you to treat erection problem.

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