Sexual Performance and Erectile Dysfunction

Sex should be enjoyed by both the partner. But if you have problems like erectile dysfunction then you can have a problem with an erection while having sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction as found in men makes men unable to have an erection. This is a disorder which can be treated. Men buy generic viagra online as a treatment for an erection problem.  Sexual performance anxiety takes place when you cannot have an erection and cannot perform well in bed.

Causes of sexual performance anxiety

Sex is not just physical response but even your emotions are involved. If a man is too stressed then he cannot focus on sexual activity.

There are many of the reasons and some of them are:

  1. Fear that they cannot satisfy their partner.
  2. Poor body image due to overweight.
  3. Lots of problem in the relationship.
  4. Ejaculation occurring too early or too late.
  5. Fear of not having an erection which can create a problem between partners.

Due to lots of stress, the hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine are released which affects your erection.


  • Sexual performance anxiety raises when men losses his confidence. Even if there’s someone who is sexually appealing and the man just thinks that he cannot satisfy the partner then this is worrying. Because if he loses his confidence then he won’t be able to perform in bed well.
  • One of the effects of this is stress hormones. These hormones narrow the blood vessel which effects the erection. Even the normal person becomes unable to perform if the blood vessels get narrow.
  • When you focus on whether you can perform or not you are unable to concentrate on what you're doing. Even though if you are able to have an orgasm you wouldn’t be able to have it if you think too much about not performing well in bed.
  • Being too much anxious about sex can also sometimes affect sexual performance anxiety.

Overcoming sexual performance anxiety:

Treating your erection problem is important because it destroys the love life. Once you treat your erection problem then your sexual performance will not be affected.

Consult a doctor:

               If you have erection problem then do consult a doctor so that he can guide you regarding generic viagra and other medications and its doses. The physician can help you to understand your problem and will also help you to overcome your problem.

Be open with your partner:

             Make sure that you discuss all your problems with your partner. If you are unable to perform well due to this problem then do talk to your partner so that you both can seek couple counseling and treat your disorder properly. Discussing this with your partner will not let her down and will also not affect you to the level as she can help you with it

 Distract yourself:

                    These problems mostly arise because of stress. Discussing this with your doctor will help you to reduce the level of stress. You can distract yourself by putting some music while involving in sexual activity so that you’re distracted from all the stress and worries.

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