Psychological factors affecting Erectile Dysfunction

 The inability to have an erection is known as impotence or erectile dysfunction. This disorder happens due to physical or psychological factors. Millions of the men buy generic viagra to cure impotence. This problem is faced sometimes due to increasing age. Erection problem occurs in men due to lack of blood flow towards the penis.

Following are the psychological factors which affect erection problem

Performance anxiety:

              Performance anxiety is the pressure which is been created while you are unable to carry out sex. This negative thought can be a primary cause. If you are in a new relationship it is rare, because in a new relationship men find a way to impress the partner. Erection problem also takes place if the partner is accustomed to each other and are comfortable in the relationship. If a man is having erection problem and he is interested in sex then he will get more anxious and the more anxious he will become the more of erection problem will last. If men are more worried about their erection and keep on thinking about it then the problem of erection will keep on continuing as well as it may increase. If any of such things happen then you can talk with your partner or either take a help from a health provider.

General stress:

             The cause of erectile dysfunction is not always related to the sex life of men but is also sometimes related to other problem from which one is stressed. The stress may be a financial problem, issues at work or any of the other part of the life. Any sort of stress can affect the ability to have an erection. Stress is important because if you are stressed then your focus on the intercourse is less as compared to stress. During stress, a body produces cortical which responses to stress and the level of testosterone falls which affects the erection.


             Loss of self-esteem, disturbing signs of eating and sleeping habits is the symptoms of depression. Depression and erectile dysfunction are the two issues which can lead to another issue which can lead to suicidal tendencies or risks to life. Generic Viagra is used to cure this disorder but it can cure this disorder to an extent hence you need to consult a doctor regarding generic viagra dosage so that you can use it as per your problem.

Loss of interest:

           Erection problem also takes place if you have lost your interest in sex or due to lack of sexual desire. Both these problem affects the erection. Loss of interest in sexual activity occurs because you are familiar or concern about your relationship. You can come up with it by discussing it with your partner or physician. Side effects of medication can also cause loss of sexual desire.

Relying on Viagra:

                  Erection as can be successfully treated with generic Viagra, hence most of the time men completely depend upon this medication who have an erection problem. Using this medication for a long a time makes men assume that they cannot have an erection without the help of these pills.

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