Problems that lead to erectile dysfunction at different ages

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder which is faced by one man amongst ten. Worldwide men buy generic viagra so that they can treat the problem of impotence. Erectile dysfunction is found in men with growing age. The age is not only the factor which leads to an erection problem. There are also many of the physical and physiological factors which contribute to an erection problem. 

Following are the age groups who face erection problem:

Age-20-45 years:

The young men between the ages of 20- 45years face erection problem due to behavior, stress, and situation or sometimes due to anxiety. One of the reason is low testosterone. Lower testosterone is which controls the sexual drive in men. Sexual desire is important sexual desire is not a reason erection problem it only contributes to it. Testosterone declines with increasing age but in young men who have abnormal values their testosterone drop down and it drops down to such a level that it causes symptomatic may require .

Consuming healthy food and exercising on daily basis can help you to overcome erection problem. Younger men who have an problem having an is okay but if this problem happens regularly then you may need to consult a doctor.

Age- 45-60 year:

As the age of men increases the medical conditions also rises which contribute and can sometimes be the reason behind erection problem. Diabetes, blood pressure, vascular diseases, and high cholesterol are the diseases which affect the nerves and also restrict the blood flow the penile area. Even the diseases like Parkinson’s disease, multi sclerosis, strokes affect the nerves and the blood vessel which lead to an problem. The medications which are used to treat these diseases also don’t allow the blood to flow the body in a proper manner.At this age sleep apnea and obesity can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction in men.

Middle age men should consult a doctor because if it is due to a condition then it should be diagnosed properly and should be treated to have a good and healthy life.

Age- 60 and above:

Men who belong to this group of age chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and neurological disorder which get worse with increasing age. Prostate cancer which also middle age men is not t reason of erection problem been , but the treatment which is used like surgery, external beam radiation, brachytherapy, cryotherapy and hormone ablation lead to the damage of the nerves due to which blood flow is restricted and erection problem is caused. If you have prostate cancer and have undergone treatment then you should consider penile rehabilitation so that it can help you in recovering the problem of erection.

Men who face erection problem are not supposed to only think because it happens due to age. There are also many other factors like medication which contribute to the problem of erection which if not diagnosed can also give you other effects.

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