Natural remedies to treat Prostate disease

Men when starts to enter midlife he commonly experiences the problem of an enlarged prostate. This is a problem wherein flow of the urine is restricted from the bladder and leads to the problem like frequent urination, urine leakage, and urinary tract infection.

Following are some of the natural remedies which help to treat enlarged prostate:


Tomatoes are one of the which used to treat prostate. Tomatoes contain plant pigmentation known as lycopene which is a antioxidant.Consuming tomatoes decrease prostate enlargement and also reduces the risk of prostate cancer by killing the cells which cause cancer. It also helps to control the of urination which is one of the of disease. You can daily drink tomatoes juice or can intake them in puree form or salad.

Warm bath:

A warm bath helps to kill the bacteria which lead to prostate disease. This is one of the good and effective remedies which helps to treat prostate inflammation or prostate enlargement. You can sit in warm water tub for half an hour which eases the pain and inflammation.

Green tea:

Green tea is very healthy and also helps to treat prostate disease effectively. The powerful antioxidant and other components in the prostatitis problems likeslow down cancer growth and reduce the risk of cancer. This also helps to reduce the excess of urination problem.


Basil is a herbal remedy which is used to treat the problem. Studies have also proved that in taking basil can treat the enlarged prostate. It also helps to treat the prostate cancer and tumor problem. Basil contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce prostate inflammation. You can have 1-2 teaspoons of basil juice on daily basis or can consume it in powder form.

Corn silk:

Corn silk is the remedy which helps to treat prostate enlargement and infections. It reduces the urinary tract infection which leads to a problem. You just have to simmer 6 ears of corn silk for 10 minutes and then strain it and drink the water. You need to take this 3 times a week and another way is you can consume it in tea form.

Watermelon seed: seeds are good remedy which helps to treat the prostate problem.  They contain antioxidant which helps to clean the toxins from your body, urinary tract, bladder and helps to treat the problem of prostatitis. You can directly eat watermelon seeds or boil them and then drink this water daily for 9-10 days.

Sesame seeds:

Sesame seeds one of the which beneficial to treat the problem.Intaking sesame seeds on regular basis help to treat the problem. You can even soak overnight and chew them in morning for few minutes.

Carrot juice:

Studies have proved that consuming carrot juice helps to treat prostate diseases like prostatitis and prostate cancer. You can consume carrot juice on daily basis or either you can even combine it with other juices.

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