Natural medication to treat Impotence

Millions of men have erectile dysfunction disorder. This disorder makes men to have less or no erection. Nowadays men buy generic viagra online so that they can treat their impotence problem in privacy. These pills have saved many of the relations because it helps men to have an erection.  Not only generic Viagra but there are many of the other medications which help men to have an erection. These medications are to be taken under the guidance of doctor so that you can use the proper medication which helps you to treat your problem. In today's life, it is very easy to buy generic viagra pills and treat your impotence problem but there are also some of the natural remedies which help in treating impotence.

Following are the natural medicines which help men to treat impotence:

Panax  ginseng:

                              Panax ginseng is one of the natural Viagra used to treat erection problem. Many of the studies concluded that using 600-1000 mg three times a day can help you to improve erection. Ginsenosides are one of the components of this herb which extracts the action at the cellular level to improve erection. This herb also has anti-inflammatory agents which help to improve lung function and many other diseases which causes erection problem. Panax ginseng is one of the effective medications for those who have high lipids in their blood and metabolic syndrome.

Rhodiola Rosea:

                           Rhodiola rosea is a perennial plant which grows in the arctic region. This plant was used in ancient times to treat sexual desire and sexual problems. This herb also helps you to treat fatigue and mental stress. It also improves the mental functions and stabilizes mood and also improves the physical health of men. If you take 150mg to 200mg of Rhodiola Rosea on daily basis for three months then you may have improvement while having an erection. This herb also improves the sexual desire as it is very important to have sexual desire present while having sexual intimacy.

L- arginine:

                     L-arginine is an amino acid which makes proteins in the body. It also becomes nitric oxide gas which is important for the body. As it creates more of nitric oxide, it helps the blood vessels to relax and provide oxygen so that circulation of blood can be done properly. Erection problem happens due to lack of blood supply. Using this remedy can help to improve the blood flow and will also help you to sustain erection which lasts for more time.


                   This is a thousand-year-old remedy which helps you to improve erection. Acupuncturist administrates various fine needles on your body which helps to release the tension and restores the natural balance. If you want to use this remedy make sure that you consult a good acupuncturist. It is advised to sit quite and relax after having a session. Some of the men's body does not react towards this remedy hence if you do not notice any of the improvement stop using this remedy.

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