Myths evolving around Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction means having less or no erection. Out of 10, at least 4 people have this problem. It is said that this problem occurs with increasing age but only age is not a factor it also happens due to physical and psychological factors. Most of the men order generic viagra as a treatment for this disorder but using only pills is not a solution. There is a lot of information available regarding this disorder but still, people believe in myths which guide them towards the wrong direction.

Following are the myths regarding erectile dysfunction:

If you have an erection then you do not have erectile dysfunction:

This disorder happens because of less or no erection. It doesn’t mean that if you have less erection then you do not have erectile dysfunction. Most of the people with less erection think that they do not have erection problem but erection problem starts with having less erection and which later results more erection problem.

Erection problem only occurs in older people:

Age is only one of the factors which contribute to this disorder. Erection problem also occurs due to many of the other factors like medication or damage to the nerves. Hence erection problem in every at some or the other stage of life. This problem is also found in men who are younger and this problem occurs in younger men due to regular intake of smoke or tobacco.

A person who struggles in the bedroom have erection problem:

You may notice that you have no or less erection sometimes. Having this problem occasionally may be due to some reason like you would have boozed more that they or you would be stress.If you notice that you have a maintaining an for 3 months or longer then you need to consult a physician otherwise losing or no erection occasionally is nothing to do with erectile dysfunction.

Bad habits have nothing to do with erection problem:

Your bad habits not only affect your overall health but may also affect your erection. Smoking regularly damages your blood vessel and doesn’t allow the blood to flow and make the erection problem occur. Studies have proved that most of the who have smoking have improved with their erection problem. Even if you cut down alcohol it helps you to relax the blood vessels and make the blood to flow in the .

All drugs treating erection problem are same:

All the drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction like generic viagra and cialis belong to PDE5 inhibitor but they may work differently depending upon the erection problem. All work by relaxing the muscle and making the blood to flow in the . your body responds to every drug in a manner. For the medications like generic viagra reach the peak level within one hour whereas cialis takes two to reach its peak point.

You do not have any other option if medication does not work:

If in viagra does not work for you, you will be suggested with the injectable medication. Yes, injection with needles. Though this sounds scary still it also helps to make the blood to flow in the have an . For those on whom medication not work are suggested to use this way as well there are also many of the other options which your doctor may prescribe you.

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