Impotence, when you hear, feels like some big disease or disorder but impotence is nothing but Erectile Dysfunction. It is the inability to maintain the erection for a sexual intercourse. This condition is common and it affects 40 men amongst 100.This disease is not life-threatening but it affects the sufferer, families and even partner. Hence it is necessary to diagnose assess properly before giving any treatment to a patient.

The risk of impotence increases as the age of men increases. Impotence is mostly faced by the illiterate people due to their unhealthy lifestyle, having a less healthy diet, drinking more and exercising less. Impotence affects the life of the men as well as women. Women react in a different way towards men impotence.

1. If a man is going through impotence and women is not aware of it then she may feel that she is not attractive enough. She would feel that her man is not attractive toward her so there a complication arises in a love life.

2. Women sometimes may even feel that her partner is having an affair with someone else. A conflict arises when she doubts her partner.

3. Sometimes a couple may find out that they are not doing well with their sex life. They may find that their partner is not comfortable or either there’s some other problem.

4. Women may find that her partner is going through some health problems that are the reason he is unable to make out with her.

Impotence is a problem which can be cured and should be a cure. It should be cured with the help of medications. The medication called Generic Viagra online is used. This medication helps a person to have a smooth love life. Medication can also be given with the help of injections but this may help a man to have an orgasm but may not help men to ejaculate. Hence doctors recommend that if a person is going with erectile dysfunction then they should switch to the Viagra. A man can come up with this problem when his partner helps her in problems. If a man is going through such problem then women should be the one who helps her to consult a doctor. A person comes up with a problem only when someone supports him. This medication helps men to have erections. These medicines are introduced so that men can come up with the problem of erectile dysfunction .This medication helps the blood to flow towards penis so that men can have an erection. Flowing of blood is important otherwise it may not lead to having an erection.The love life of a couple comes to end when they are not satisfied with each physically and even mentally. Though such medications are not a complete cure but still can help men to cure to some extent which can help him to come out of the stress of such disorder. Men mostly don’t discuss such disorder with someone but consulting a doctor as well as a partner in such condition is important.

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