A generic drug is the original or can say it is the medical name of the drug whereas the Brand name is the name of the drug which helps the product or drug to stand in a market.

Similarities between generic and brand drug are that they both contain the same active ingredients in them. Most of the ingredients in them are similar. They have same dosage strength. Both of them are available in the same form for example if the generic drug is available in pill form the brand drug is also available in the pill form only. They both provide the same amount of drug which should be delivered.

The differences can be there in generic and brand drug but it may only be minor. The difference between them may be of a color size and but they may have the active ingredients and form as it is. Both of them may have different inactive ingredients because they may not give more effect. The generic drug may cost you low whereas brand name may cost you more. Generic drugs cost 20%-80% less than a brand name. Generics drugs have a lot of variation in it according to the manufacturers.

If a brand drug has lost its patents only one generic drug is available for it. The generic drug requires less of the investment and research as the study and research upon it is been done already. But the brand name needs to have some research, marketing due to which they need to invest a lot in it. All doctors are not known of generic drug introduced recently. If you want to try generic drug first you ask your doctor and pharmacist to recommend you with the generic drugs. Doctors recommend generic drug and brand drug according to your situation. The doctors prescribe you the medication according to the sensitive situation you are facing. As generic drugs cost less you can ask your doctor to prescribe you the generic drug. Pharmacists sometimes give you generic drug instead of the brand drug so you should always check the label to confirm the name and dose of your prescription. If your prescription has brand drug and doctor is allowing you to the generic drug you should confirm with pharmacists that it contains the exact amount of dose that a brand drug has. Generic drugs are as safe as brand drug. You may find some of the alteration with the taste and of both the drugs it’s just because of the inactive ingredients that it contains. If you want to always have a generic drug instead of the brand drug then you always have to remember the generic drug’s name so that you don’t get confused with its varieties.

You van trustfully use generic drug instead of a brand drug. You can even say that brand drug is the copy of generic drug. People mostly prefer brand drug thinking that they have a brand and a quality in it because now a day’s people are more attracted only to brands. Most of the people find that generic is harmful but it’s not according to Food and Drug Administration it's completely safe. Sometimes people also notice that the color of a generic drug is different and that of brand drug is different but it is only due to the inactive ingredients available in it. Inactive ingredients are those ingredients in drugs which have to do nothing with your therapy you can use both brand drug as well as the generic drug.

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