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Person may have generic Viagra to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. But even after erecting your male reproductive organ the problem that men usually face is the problem of pre-mature ejaculation. Pre-mature ejaculation may takes place after starting the intercourse within two minutes or some men have the good stamina to hold on their ejaculation for about fifteen minutes. Ejaculation is the uncontrollable thing in the men.

The pre-mature ejaculation is causes involve the interaction of the psychological or biological factors. The exact cause of the pre-mature ejaculation is still unknown. The other factor that play a vital role in causing the pre-mature ejaculation are erectile dysfunction, Anxiety, Relationship problem as well.

 Men who have problem in erecting and maintaining their male reproductive organ will rush to ejaculate. Interpersonal issues between you and your partner will also leads to the pre-mature ejaculation. Even when the person is unable to maintain the erection for longer period of time, he usually decides to ejaculate earlier. Any mental strain in your life may also affect the pre-mature ejaculation. The mental strain will limit you to relax and focus during the intercourse.

Sometimes the couple planning to have a baby will suffer, as pre-mature ejaculation affects the fertilization because the ejaculations do not occur intra-vaginally.

One out of three men suffer from this pre-mature ejaculation problem. Some time pre-mature ejaculation is infrequent while some men will ejaculates within one minute after penetration. Some men who are stressed out will avoid the foreplay and intimacy.

Many of the men will hesitate to speak openly about the pre-mature ejaculation. Pre-mature ejaculation is common and could be treated easily. For psychological problem you may consider the counselor to find out the proper solution. 

  To treat pre-mature ejaculation problem one drug is available in the market namely called as dapoxetine. This drug will help you to hold on your ejaculation after penetrating the male reproductive organ. But for penetration the male should be able to erect the male reproductive organ and maintain the erection for the good intercourse. Hence for erection and maintaining the erection purpose the other drug called as generic Viagra can also be used. Hence, to get rid of both the problems of erectile dysfunction and pre mature ejaculation you can have the pills of Super P force.

Super P force drug is the combination of the two separately used medication, sildenafil and dapoxetine. Sildenafil is widely used to treat the erectile dysfunction under the various brand names. And dapoxetineis used to treat the pre-mature ejaculation. Hence, the combination of both this drug helps to get over the problem of pre mature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. This Super P force drug will help you to have better intercourse than before. It will also help you to improve your performance in bed. Buy Super P force online for the betterment of your sex lifestyle.  

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