Get some common alertness on this world obesity day

Here, the Anti-Obesity Day is been noticed in several parts of the world on November 26, with various healthcare organizations. Here, on world obesity day we are here to give you awareness about the health, how to maintain and how to be physically fit. November 26 is a world Anti-Obesity Day as sections of a yearly campaign takes place in the months of November & December to endorse the progress of good lifestyle manner to be healthy and fit. Anti-obesity campaign embraces arranging health camps, mass counseling sessions & talk-shows with health experts, also extensive media connections & diffusion of unique literature on obesity.

According to the studies and research World Health Organization (WHO) admitted overweight & Obesity people accounted fifth leading threat for global deaths. An individual with Body Mass Index (BMI) – an individual’s weight in kilograms gets separated by the tetragon of his height in meters – is when found greater than or equivalent to 25 is termed as Overweight. An individual who’s BMI found higher than or equal to 30 is measured as obese person. The World Health Organization admitted that minimum 2.8 million adults pass away every year on report of being overweight or obese. Moreover, around 44% of diabetes cases, some around 23% of ischaemic heart disorders & 7-41% of certain instance of cancer are accounted to be happened due to overweight & obesity. According to the studies people getting increase with the risk of obesity day by day that’s due to unhealthy eating and lack of exercise.

What Steps you need to take

  • Whole grain and cereals holds good amount of essential nutrients. Whole grains such as Bajra, Ragi, Maize & Jowar. Try eating red & black, brown rice instead of white rice.
  •  Use dal stock up your shelves with Rajma, Chana, Soy, Bhatt dals.
  • Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits every day. They are likely to give both soluble & insoluble fibre in calculation to vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. A normal body requires some around 25-30gms of fibre every day; one apple gives only 1gm.
  • Indiscernible basis embraces fatty meat, butter, ghee, cheese, lard, cream, limit using it. Choose low fat milk, double toned. Poly unsaturated fats from vegetables would be better.
  • Try to keep the Trans fats away. You know eating fast foods, snack food, fried foods cookies, margarine and spread, etc. laden’s with high fats. Fast food and junk foods are more likely to enhance the fast and cause overweight and obese.
  • Maintain your fridge away from sugary aerated drinks & processed fruit juices. Keep fruits and take it immediately or make a juice. Nuts & Seeds is a good healthy snack to it.
  • Maintain daily exercise for around 30-40 minutes. This will help to lose the bad cholesterol and keep your body healthy and fit. One to get rid of overweight and obesity must maintain the habit of daily exercise. This is good for very individual’s health to maintain optimum.

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