People usually forget that there are a number of things that actually matter a lot and are very essential in a person’s life. Just like a happy sexual life is all a person needs. One must have a healthy sexual life which leads them to a stress free life but wait there are not all of them who are blessed with it and it has to happen to some people around. Similarly there are certain people who tend to have many such sexual issues in their life out of which one is named as erectile dysfunction also known by the name of impotence.

Information on erectile dysfunction/impotence

Basically the two issues just hold different names but they mean the same. Erectile dysfunction is when the person does not have a good sexual session when the erections made by him are not firm. It is mainly all in all about the erections and when the erections are not proper and firm then the tow of you might end up with unsatisfying love sessions which indeed mean nothing. For better erections it is important to have a good blood supply to the penis and for that a person should not have PDE5 enzyme in them. The PDE5 enzyme is basically an enzyme which does not let the blood to flow into the direction of penis due to which the person fails to make erections. So in the end erectile dysfunction is all about not being able to make firm erections.

Cure to erectile dysfunction

Let us simply come to the point or to the conclusion that nobody can get a proper cure from erectile dysfunction with the help of a surgery or it does not cures by the course of time. The disorder stays for ever. All a person can do is get a medicine which can actually help you out with best erections and satisfying love sessions and that is possible only when a person makes use of the medicine named as generic Viagra online. Yes this medicine has been used by a number of people and is making a wider place in the market. The medicine became extremely popular due to the best ever effects thrown by the pill.

Reasons to buy generic Viagra

There are certain reasons mentioned which says as to why people must opt for generic Viagra 100mg. The first thing is the surety and the safety. After the drug got approval by FDA the number of buyers increased in number and that is because people gained faith as FDA gave approval which is very essential and it also states that the pill is safe enough for use. It holds the best components in it out of which the best one is Sildenafil citrate. This is an essential component which makes sure that the blood flows well in the direction of penis.


Dosage is the important part of any treatment. Here the 100mg single dose is to be taken by the men right an hour or probably 45 minutes before the person makes love with their partner. This is to be kept in mind always when the person takes the generic Viagra pill. 

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