What does erectile dysfunction?

There are a number of people who are not really aware of what exactly the term erectile dysfunction mean. People need to receive certain information on the topic and also make sure that they take complete knowledge about the topic. Basically this sort of disorder hits only men. Men all around the globe tend to face this disorder of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is also known to the other people by the name of impotence where in people even after willing; fail to make proper long lasting erections.

This happens to the men when the blood does not pass to the penile organ in a sufficient quantity. People need to make sure that they keep a check over their erections and make sure that the erections are firm enough. If the erections are not firm then it is a sign that the person is a victim of erectile dysfunction. There is an enzyme by the name of PDE5 which is also responsible for the blood not to be passing out to the penile region. This enzyme is harmful and so a person must make sure that they focus on a treatment that cures this enzyme instead of any other issue.

Which medicine is best preferable for this issue?

For treating erectile dysfunction there is on such medicine that is trending in the market and also making new records which is leading to an increase in the number of buyers. The medicine should be effective enough regardless of the cost that it holds. The medicine that is best for erectile dysfunction is Generic Viagra. Generic Viagra is the only pill to make new records in sale and is also making a number of people be free from it. Generic Viagra is one such pill which makes people free from erectile dysfunction and also makes sure that the person is completely satisfied from the issue.

Best thing about generic Viagra online is that it tends to be cheaper than other products which treat the issue. Also the pill is approved by the FDA hence a person need not worry about the safety as the most important condition of the FDA approval is completed.

Working of generic Viagra

Generic Viagra for sale works by releasing an enzyme named CGMp. This particular enzyme fights with the enzyme named PDE5 and stops it from coming in the way of the blood from passing ahead to the penis. The mechanism is easy and hence one can opt for the treatment. The pill is extremely helpful hence one must go for this treatment.


The dosage of Generic Viagra is easy to be comprehended. One can simply opt for the treatment by having one 100mg pill an hour prior to starting sexual activity of the person. Also one can see to it that the pill is taken in the exact quantity as mentioned.


One must take certain precautions before they opt for the treatment. Before having generic Viagra pill makes sure that you are well aware about the dosage of the pill. Only one pill has to be eaten in the time duration of 24 hours. Make sure that you do not practice more than one pill before the completion of 24 hours to the first pill. Do not consume alcohol or grape products while the treatment. Also do not alter or increase dosage on your own.

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