Many people do not know the value and importance of having an egg. There are certain people who possibly avoid eggs but you actually must know that having eggs is very essential in our day to day lives. Eggs have the capacity to provide energy to people and are useful for several other reasons. It carries a lot of minerals and vitamins in it which has to be intake and is essential for a human body. You might have seen that the people who regularly go to the gym tend to have eggs daily it is because it provides the required energy and tends to put up admirable muscles. This also brings a person’s hunger in control by providing the required vitamins. The best part about eggs is that you can have them as per your own choices. One can boil it; half boil it, cook or even fry and have them there is no harm in doing so. Also eggs are quite cheap and so you can enjoy having eggs daily. Below are mentioned certain reasons as to why you must incorporate eggs in your day to day diet.

  1. Helps in losing weight- Reducing calories is all a obese person needs and so the it was seen that an obese person who had 2 eggs daily for their breakfast had gained very few calories as compared to those people who had fatty food items holding the same calories. It was also seen that after some 8 weeks the people who had included eggs in their diet reduced their weight by 65% and also toned down to their waistlines by 35%. This makes really a very bug difference for the obese people. Having eggs makes you full for the rest of the day and you will also not feel like eating much. In this manner you would be able to gain calories plus you would be successful in losing some weight.
  2. Prevents from increasing cholesterol levels- As per a recent study it was witnessed that the eggs which people bought just a week before had 14% less calories than those which were there from decades ago. The maximum level of cholesterol in a person’s body should not exceed more than 300mg and if you consume two eggs each day then you is likely to be within this limit and there are very few chances of the cholesterol being increased in number.
  3. Maintains your weight loss- If you do not wish to let your hard work let go off and do not wish to gain weight which you lost with heavy efforts then you need to increase the amount of protein in your diet and lessen the amount of carbohydrates to very low levels.
  4. Eggs carry supportive and exceptional nutrients- As we all know that intake of Vitamin D is quite essential for a good immune system and so now we need not wait for summers to come. Just a single egg can provide a person with the desired amount of Vitamin D inside a person’s body.
  5. Builds up finer muscles- Not many people know that eggs have nine essential amino acids in it which is very vital. The yolk in the egg has vitamin B12 which helps to reduce fats in the body. Eggs are essential for the men willing to have greater muscles. 

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