What are these erection issues called and give some detailed information about it

Erection issues are basically those where the man is unable to make erections when they make love with their partner. A person has to first see to it that what kind of disorder he is facing. Once that has been found out the man has to focus over the issue of getting a good doctors consultation for their disorder. Make sure that the medicine must be liable and effective enough for the kind of disorder the man tends to face. Erection issues are only said to be faced by all the males. It is also said to be erectile dysfunction or impotency. This disorder is noticed in the man at any point of age that is after the age of 18. It does not depends upon the age limit but the power of the male and the kind of disorders they face due to which they are lead to this issue. Sexual act is a very simple and enjoyable act which has turned out to such a complicated one due to this issue of erectile dysfunction. The main aim for the victims of this issue is just to find out a better and a proper solution to this problem. It has also been said by the doctors that the disorder cannot go away from the life of the man completely it can only be cured for a short duration of time.

What medicine can be used for treating erectile dysfunction?

The medicine which has been suggested to all the users by far is Generic Viagra online. The reason why maximum number of doctor’s emphasis on the use of this particular product is that it does not steps back from showing you the best possible effects. The effects are so instant that you cannot stop yourself from using it the other time as well and even suggesting this to other victims of impotence. According to a research it was noticed the annoying issue of impotence can be cured of only with the help of a medication process and not through any kind of treatment.

Generic Viagra basically works by firstly stopping the PDE-5 enzyme from blocking the blood to flow properly to the penis. The component named Sildenafil citrate works in such a manner and is appointed for the work of stopping the enzyme from leading to such a problem.

The proper dosage pattern for GENERIC VIAGRA 100MG

The dosage pattern for the medicine is quite simple. You only need to make sure that you take the pills as per the doctor and do not alter the dosage or increase the dosage as per your own convenience. Make sure the drug is taken an hour or probably 45 minutes prior to the love making session of the two of them and that is quite essential. If by any chance you miss out on this then it cannot show you any possible results so make sure that the medicine is taken only as per the doctor. 

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