This is an excellent pill which helps a person in treating erectile dysfunction as well as premature ejaculation. This is the only drug in terms of sexual disorder where a person finds it quite helpful in treating their disorder within them. It carries two very essential components in it which is said to be Sildenafil Citrate as well as Dapoxetine. These two pills together work and treat the problem inside the man. It not only is a life saver but also a pill which helps the person in getting back to their normal love life. Such problems generally lead a person to disputes amongst their families or their love life. Erectile dysfunction is basically a problem where a person tends to face erection issues. These people do not lead a happy life instead face a lot of problem in their life and this indeed ruins their relationship as well. Erectile dysfunction is a issues based on erection. Erection issues arise within a man only when he is facing insufficiency in blood. That also means that the blood does not pass to the penis of the man in a sufficient manner which leads him to erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is also said to be impotence by many people.

There are some people who take these issues very seriously and then there are some people who are just fine with it. They should indeed take such issues on a serious note and then make it a point that these problems are clarified as soon as it could be possible for them. This is beneficial for them only. Men usually face ego and certain different problems in their life. They are so embarrasses with the fact that they are facing impotence in their life. They therefore refuse to talk about it to anybody and not even their partner. Such people should at least take assistance from a doctor who can guide them properly to a better doctor who could at least give them the best medicine possible for their problem.

There are some people who tend to face certain issues in their life apart from this sexual problem. If you are taking this particular treatment then make sure that you talk to your doctor and let him know about each and every issue or disease you are facing in your life. This will help him to give you the medicine according to your disorder. The people who are facing certain kind of heart disease or a kidney disease are just advised not to take the pill of Super P force as it can affect their health. One should take the required steps according to the doctor.

There are certain points which a person is asked to take before they are going to use super p force. Make sure that you tell your doctor about each and every disease or disorder you have been facing or you are facing in the present. It will simply provide them assistance in treating you. Further make sure you take the pills of Super p force under the guidance of a good doctor. If at all you feel that any of the components of the medicine are proving to be harmful for your health then just stop the usage and talk to your health advisor about it. Even if the any of the component is allergic to you then do not even start up with the treatment.

The dosage pattern is quite simple. As you know that one pill has to be taken for one time. You cannot go beyond the limit of 1pill in 24 hours. 

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