Super P Force drug is basically a medicine which is a cure to the problem of men’s health which basically includes premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction in men. This always comes up with the dosage of 160mg. this is an excellent drug for treating erectile dysfunction in men. There are so many issues which are faced by men around the globe. People usually say that only women’s are affected with a lot many issues but that is not the case as there are problems or we can say sexual health issues which are faced by men around the globe. These people are really frustrated with this particular issue and do not find a way out for it.

Erectile dysfunction is said to have spoiled so many lives of so many men. It did not basically took away anybody’s life but it definitely is spoiling many relations which are related to the man. People should take these issues into consideration as a very serious matter of problem. There are people who think that these issues can be sorted out by the course of time but that is not the case with these sexual issues. It spoils all your relations and does not let you take any step further n life as it leads a person to a lot of stress in their life.

There are many reasons due to which this problem arises to the man. Stress is said to be the very first problem or the very first reason of the man being affected with erectile dysfunction in him. People should not take these problems so lightly. They should make it a pint that as and when this particular problem is being detected; it should immediately be taken care of with an appropriate cure to it.

Super P Force carries a very essential component which is said to be Sildenafil Citrate. This particular component helps the blood flow properly to the parts where it is required for proper erection in men. It not only helps in proper flow of blood but it also makes sure that the problem of premature ejaculation is also solved through it. If a person wants to get over this issue soon then take the dosage as per your respective doctor. They will surely guide you with the best drug possible along with the proper dosage which will help you get over your issue very soon.

For the people having this medicine for the first time, you need to have this medicine in the quantity of 25mg. If you do not find any proper cure with the dosage of 25mg then keep in touch with the doctor and ask them for proper assistance they will guide you with a dosage pattern which would exceed the limit of 25mg to 50mg. The dosage pattern basically depends upon the age or how badly the problem has affected the person.

A person should have Super P Force for about an hour before making any sexual activity with the partner. This is advised strictly to the people who are having the medicine of Super P Force. It is said so because the medicine needs a certain amount of time to mix up with all the blood present in one’s body and then it reacts accordingly and is all ready to show the best possible results. This medicine should not be taken more than one time in a day because it might harm you in the near future then. Another dosage of Super P Force can be taken after 24 hours of taking the previous medicine.

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