Penegra is stated as a generic drug which is used to treat impotence from men around. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is the inability which a person faces due to several reasons. Erectile dysfunction makes a man quite depressed and sad about the fact that he fails to satisfy his partner. Erectile dysfunction by name is not recognized by many people so for them this means not having a firm erection while having sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction is generally faced by those people who tend to face a lot of stress in their lives due to some or the other reason. The man is unable to have a firm erection while making love with the partner it creates certain issues in his love life as well. Generally, erectile dysfunction occurs when the blood is not passed out or reached properly to the penile organs or to be very precise to the penis. When not enough blood is reached over to those parts erection becomes almost impossible.

Men usually do not react much but when they do it is really very serious. The men face a lot of embarrassment while disclosing this particular thing to their respective partner or doctor. Many are always in the fear of being misunderstood because of this particular issue and hence do not talk to anybody about it which makes it even more difficult to get over this issue. People should not feel embarrassed about it and must disclose about it at least to one person in their life which can then guide him to a good doctor. In such cases the partner or the spouse should be very supportive. They should indeed help them out to get over this issue as soon as possible so all the complications in their love life should get away.

The main reason why a person faces erectile dysfunction is stress. Stress might seem to be just a simple tension which arises for some time and then goes away but that is not the case. Stress causes many issues to a person. One of them is erectile dysfunction. This is the reason why one is asked not to take so much of stress in their life. Stress should be solved by using certain techniques like having a good chat with your partner or talking to that person who makes you feel better about yourself.

The dosage of penegra should be as suggested to you by your doctor. One more very important thing one should consult their doctor before starting up with any medicine. Know each and every detail about the product so that no problem should occur in the near future then. This tablet of penegra needs to be taken an hour before carrying out your sexual activity. This is advised because one should ensure a complete cure to the disorder and the medicine needs certain time to mix up into the blood and then react and so one is suggested to have this medicine prior an hour of carrying out any kind of sexual activity.

If there is cure there is some side effects as well similarly even penegra has got certain side effects which are not so severe or dangerous to one’s health but do affect a person. The side effects are headache, nausea, an upset stomach, flushing which means the upper body becoming red and temperate for some time, cold and lastly issues with vision. Keep this in mind that these side effects do not last for a longer period of time they are just temporary in your life which go by the course of time.


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