There have been introduced too many medicines or drugs in this field of pharmacy or medication to get away from erectile dysfunction. But none of them were as effective as Forzest. Forzest is said to be a best seller in the market. There are many uses that are very happy after the results of Forzest for their disorder of erectile dysfunction. People are usually confused as to which medicine should be opted for treating erectile dysfunction. In such cases doctors play an important role. They do suggest you with the best medicine for treating erectile dysfunction. Forzest is said to be on the top most priority of doctors when they talk about the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This medicine enables a person to get over erectile dysfunction in a very less time span as it completely cures the disorder and never affects the person ever again in his life.


Basically erectile dysfunction is a disorder where the male or the man faces too many issues while erection. This also means he is facing impotence. There is nothing to be worried about it as it definitely has a cure to it. Erectile dysfunction is affecting many men these days but do not worry as Forzest works best to cure this disorder completely. In simple words erectile dysfunction means when not enough amount of blood is been reached or filled in the penis while his erection period. This gives a lot of problem while erection or while making love with the partner. This is also considered to be as a point of embarrassment for certain men. This for them is simply stated as inefficiency in making a firm erection which also means inability to perform on bed. This sometimes hurts the manly ego of the men around which puts them into even severe stress which puts the man into trouble and does not truly helps him to get over erectile dysfunction.


The dosage which is generally advised to many people in the start of going through this disorder is 10mg. Later on the limit exceeds to a higher dose if the 10mg dose is not sufficient enough or does not has any positive impact or cure to erectile dysfunction. The dosage might be increased or decreased depending upon the effects. The medicine has its effects up to 36 hours after the intake of this particular medicine. This is a plus point for the users of Forzest as one can carry out several sexual activities after a single dosage of this medicine. It is quite essential to take this medicine 30 to 40 minutes prior to any kind of sexual activity as the medicine should be given certain time to mix up into the blood for better effects. After the medicine is completely mixed up into the blood it gradually starts to show its results. Even if a man is not sexually aroused he will have a great experience while making love with their respective partner.

If you have taken this medicine once in a day then do not exceed the dosage or have the medicine any further as it is strictly not suggested to anybody of any age or body type. The medicine should be practiced by men above the age of 18. Men below the age of 18 should strictly stay away from Forzest as it would surely react in a negative manner to their health.


The side effects are generally very few but some of them which affect of about 2% or more than them are headache, nausea, blackouts for a limited time span.


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