Sildenafil is a vital component which is used to treat erectile dysfunction in the men. Erectile dysfunction is a disorder which is faced by men all over the world and this disorder is becoming viral now in many people. It is also known as impotence. In simple words erectile dysfunction means not getting a proper erection while sexual intercourse. There are several reasons why erectile dysfunction occurs, the most common reason is stress. If a person is stressed out or is in some kind of depression then he tends to face erectile dysfunction. Do not fear if you find yourself suffering from erectile dysfunction. Simply consult your respective doctor to solve this problem. There are cases where the man is even embarrassed to talk about it in front of his health advisor, in such cases the partner should take the required initiative to guide them properly and be on their side for their mental assistance. Obviously it is embarrassing but if you need to get over from this embarrassment then pay a visit to your physician to get treated immediately. There should not be any such thing like being embarrassed.

Generic Viagra is a medicine which is a cure for this disease. Nowadays every next person is supposed to be suffering from erectile dysfunction. If you face it twice or thrice then immediately consult your doctor as it is not something very common. Sildenafil is a component added in Generic Viagra which expands the blood vessels and allows the blood to flow properly and in ample quantity to those parts where it is probably required. With the help of proper blood flow the erection becomes easy and possible for the man to keep it firm for a longer time. These medicines would not be given away to any one of you without the prescription of the doctor. So make sure you have a proper prescription while ordering or buying this product.

There are circumstances where the drug doesn’t suits the person. In such cases people go on blaming the product for it when actually it is their fault. Before having any medicine you should keep in mind that the components which the medicine contains are not harmful for your health or you do not have such disease because of which the product might cause harm to your health. Some cases where this problem arises are- When he is going through a heart disease or probably blood pressure issues, if your wounded or have an injury, problems with the liver, stomach ulcer, having an allergic reaction, etc.

The dosage is always simple. You do not need to do hard work for having it. Firstly read the manual carefully which is provided inside the Generic Viagra. Do read all the rules and regulations before having it. Most importantly keep it in mind that the medicine should be taken 50 minutes or 1hour before carrying out the sexual act. This is said so because the medicine takes time to get dissolved in the blood and mixing into the blood at least requires more than 30 to 50minutes. Once it is mixed into the blood completely it shows its possible effects right away. One tablet in a day is more than enough to solve the purpose. If you over dose in the greed of seeing the best possible results then probably you’re going on the wrong track as you might end up causing severe harm to your own health.

If you really want erectile dysfunction to end and go away from your life then stop certain thing which urges it to still stay there. Strictly stop the intake of alcohol. Alcohol as well as cigarettes are harmful and can cause erectile dysfunction again in your life. Grape fruit juice or products related to grapes are suggested not to have. Do keep a daily check with your physician; let him or her know about the daily changes or positive effects in you after having the medicine. They would suggest you further according to your reports and let you know whether you’re progressing or the condition is becoming worst. Discuss each and everything and let your doctor know everything do not feel embarrassed to discuss it with them as it is mandatory for them to know every possible health regarding thing about you.


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