Impotence is said to be a severe disorder which has put many men into trouble, tension and embarrassment. Impotence is said to a stressful disorder for the men around the globe. This disease is been noticed nowadays in many men around. It has created a negative impact on many people. It created differences between many relationships which is not a good thing. But, in today’s world everything has a solution and every disease has a cure. Similarly, the impotent men need not worry as there is a solution to their problem as well. Silagra is an anti impotent medicine for the people who face impotence. This is said to be the best medication for impotence because of its positive effects. Many doctors recommend silagra for the treatment of impotence.


Impotence is a disorder which also means erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or impotence means getting erection problems. Erection problem occurs when not enough blood is reached to the penile organs. Penile organs are the one’s through which a person carries out his sexual activity. When blood is not reached to those parts sufficiently then erection doesn’t occurs and if some how you manage it does not lasts for more than 10 minutes. When erection period is so less and none of you are satisfied it creates differences between both the partners.


Silagra is a product which satisfies all the men around. This is said to be a perfect product for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or as it is famously known as impotence. A very essential component which is present in silagra is sildenafil citrate. This component ensures a complete treatment of erectile dysfunction. Doctors prescribe silagra to many of their patients as they know this drug is the most trusted drug which gives a 100% result when it comes to cure impotence.


The dosage pattern is generally quite simple. The initial dose given to everybody who is facing erectile dysfunction is 100mg. Later on, doctors suggest the dosage to the people according to the impact of the disease on the patient. A 100mg dosage is enough for 24 hours. If you need to have another one then the medicine should be taken after a time span of 24 hours. You just need to take the given dosage with normal water. A very important thing which one should keep in mind is that the medicine should be taken 1 hour before you have planned the sexual activity. This is mandatory because the medicine needs some time to get dissolved into the blood and when it is dissolved completely it starts showing its results. So if you want to experience a long lasting and better erection then have the medicine as prescribed by the doctor.


Firstly, every step should be taken after the consultation of the doctor as a wrong step can cost you a lot. So if you do not want the medicine to have any negative impact on you then follow all the steps given by the doctor to you. If a person has a past surgery of heart, kidney or any kind of surgery then do discuss it with the doctor as a person facing heart or kidney issues should not have silagra. This is said so because certain components of medicines of heart and kidney do not match up with the components of silagra and if both the medicines are taken together then it can react in a negative manner causing severe harm to your health. So do not hide anything from your doctor and discuss each and every point with him.

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