Impotency has said to be an embarrassment factor for many men. It is not their fault if they are impotent and they need not get embarrassed because of that. Erectile dysfunction and impotency are said to be the same. There are several reasons why this disease arises between men. They do get embarrassed because of it as it hurts the manly ego. Erection is not proper when a person faces erectile dysfunction which also means that the blood is not delivered to the desired parts of the body because of which erection does not lasts longer and is not proper. The person is afraid to disclose this in front of anyone as he feels it as the embarrassment factor when in reality it is not. The person should share it with his partner so that she can help you out and understand. Here the moral support plays an essential role. The partner should sportingly support the spouse to overcome erectile dysfunction soon. One should immediately visit the doctor. Discuss each and every detail as the doctor needs to know about each and every factor to find a way out. If this happens for more than one time then you need to rush to doctor because it is not common or okay to deal with it. Not only are some of them but nowadays many men facing erectile dysfunction.

Taking this condition seriously and the researches a new medicine was introduced in the field of pharmacy know as Generic Viagra. The only motive behind making such a medicine was to cure erectile dysfunction from all the men and to keep them away from embarrassment. From the past so many years Generic Viagra is said to be the most trusted drug for erectile dysfunction. Before this medicine was introduced men were completely shattered and tensed due to this disease and were to go for certain surgeries or used to find some other way out. Many simply had to deal with it. But after Generic Viagra was introduced, it went on to be the most popular drug. Doctors always prescribe Generic Viagra as the best and effective disease to ensure a complete cure of this disease.

There are both psychological as well as physical causes of erectile dysfunction.

Psychological reasons include an economical or financial stress and social stress. One more reason is not being able to perform the desired sexual task properly. Sadness as well as fights with your partner is also some of the reasons behind erectile dysfunction.

Physical reasons because of which erectile dysfunction occurs is all the heart related disease especially a heart attack, diabetes, obesity, increased blood pressure, kidney related disorders, etc.

According to a new research it is said that erectile dysfunction is faced by many young people that is between the ages of 20 to 30. Aged people tend to face this disorder as increased age brings some diseases as well. Young men face erectile dysfunction moreover because of the psychological problems rather than physical issues or diseases.

Once you start using Generic Viagra make sure you stop the intake of all your bad habits which means you need to stop having tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. Any product made up of grape should not be taken. Make sure you keep a proper diet chart and follow that as well if you do not want erectile dysfunction in your life again. Keep going to the doctor for your check up for like thrice a week. It will help you know what progress you have made and how long will it take to cure the disorder.

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