There are millions of people who are losing their lives due to certain life threatening diseases every year. Not just the disease but the fatalities caused by these dangerous diseases are greater in number. People usually do not care in the initial stages of their life’s but later on they realize the fact that they are prone to diseases which can cause them to death. They eat unlimited without realizing that the particular food can cause the person over eating or obesity. Intake of sugar in day to day life is so much that people face diabetes. Given below are certain diseases which can cause severe damage to a person’s health and can cause even death if not treated on time.

  1. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) – Coronary artery disease which is also commonly known as ischemic heart disease is stated as world’s scariest heart disease mentioned by the World Trade Organization (WTO). It is said to be the scariest diseases which per year takes around 3, 80,000 lives. A person faces severe los to health when he is suffering from CAD. This diseases arises when the blood vessels which provide oxygen and blood to our heart becomes thinner in size due to the blockage. Such a disease should be cures early. If proper actions are not taken against this disease immediately then it can cause a severe harm to health especially to the heart and it might cause death to the person. This disease causes high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, smoking, etc.
  2. HIV/AIDS – HIV which means Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a kind of virus that results in AIDS which means Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. As per the research carried out by the World Trade Organization (WTO) around 5700 individuals are getting contaminated to this virus each day and till date, about 39 million people have died due to AIDS. AIDS is caused because of STD which means Sexually Transmitted Disease; it can also be caused due to transmission of blood. There are certain preventive measures which you need to take that is use condom while having sex it ensures safety to the person.
  3. Stroke – A stroke is something which arises when the artery inside the brain becomes blocked or when the certain artery gives way to outflow. This disease leads to the expiration of the cells inside the brain instantly because these cells are not provided with enough blood and oxygen which leads them to die inside the brain itself. It is said to be a most important reason of disability. About 1, 30,000 deaths are caused due to Strokes. The causes of stroke are similar to the causes of CAD that is high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, diabetes, etc.
  4. Diarrheal disease – If a person is passing almost 3 stools per day for a longer period of time then the person is said to be facing diarrhoea. A person might face death due to this as frequent stool can cause a person a loss of water and salt in the body increasingly which is hard to gain. It is caused due to inappropriate sanitary conditions, contamination of food or water, infection in the intestine, etc. You can stop the harm of such disease by washing your hands every time you have your food or some home from outside, eat healthy, drink safe and clean purified water and maintain proper hygienic habits and sanitation as well.
  5. Lower respiratory infections – A lower respiratory infection is usually caused to a person in his or her respiratory tract this is the reason they are said to be lower respiratory infections. Normally such infections consist of pneumonia, influenza, which is always ready to infect a person when there is a season of such flues. This disease is caused when a person is in a place which is fully crowded such as hotels, stations, cruise ships, etc. Such crowded places cause a person to the outbreak of such diseases which are harmful for our health.


Avoid such diseases by taking proper preventive measures which can save your life from such life threatening diseases. Take proper safety measures to ensure a life free from any kind of disease. 

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