Smoking- worst ever addiction

Smoking is one of the worst things a person can do. Smoking has turned out to be one of the main obsessions nowadays. Be it a youngster or an old person you will find each one of them getting addicted to smoking cigarette. Cigarettes are made up of chemicals which are harmful than heroin. Heroin is a kind of drug which is dangerous for a person’s health. Be it a man or a women a girl or a guy many are getting addicted to such drugs. Smoking is very harmful for the health of a person. Puffing cigarette directly affects the respiratory system of a person. There are several reasons a person smokes. Older people smoke out of stress or some kind of tension whereas a young child smokes as he finds it a style statement, he finds it cool as many of his mates also must have been indulged into all of it.

Here Are A Few Reasons Of Smoking.

Trauma- Trauma or stress is one of the reasons a person tends to smoke. Stress can be due to any reason it can be unemployment, family stress, peer pressure, etc. A person who is already addicted to smoking tends to have more cigarettes while going through stress. They find it relaxing and comforting to smoke and feel good after some puffs.

Commercials- T.V commercials have a great influence on the smokers or the people watching them. As we all know smoking is now banned in India, but even after such rules or laws given by the court many people sell cigarettes and many of them smoke them.

Self pleasure- Many people find it relaxing and comforting to after smoking. It gives them pleasure so in that manner they get addicted to cigarettes.

Societal Atmosphere- There must be one or two in your whole family who might be a cigarette addict, 6 to 8 people in your society or the place where you live and many others at your work place and mainly your friends with whom who be most of the time. The research says that most of the time it is the friends who influences the other person to smoke. So one should always choose a right bunch of friends who at least would not influence a person to get addicted to such drugs.

The box of cigarette always comes with a saying which says, “Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Health”. But people still continue to smoke and cause harm to their own health.

Adverse Effects Of Cigarette Smoking

CANCER- Cancer is the major cause which occurs due to smoking. Many people face mouth lung liver cancer. It can cause the person to death. Even after knowing such adverse effects of smoking the person continues to smoke.

For such purposes, anti smoking pills have come into existence. One of them is ZYBAN.

Zyban an anti smoking pill is prescribed to the people who have deeply indulged into smoking. These pills have to be taken only after consulting your doctor as it causes some side effects. 

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