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What Is Stress?

Stress is nothing but the way the body reacts to any kind of situation. The situation can be good or bad as well. The body reacts accordingly. Stress is tension caused due to any reason which can be good or bad. When a person is in stress, the person’s body releases some kind of chemicals. This chemical is released into the blood which generates energy into the body. This energy can be useful if the stress is caused to some physical issues, but it can prove to be bad if the stress a person is going through is because of emotional or mental stress. This energy can prove to be worst if there is no certain means. The stress we take affects both our mental and physical health.

In today’s world, people are simply running behind making more and more money. In this long run of life, people prefer earning money rather than living their own life. Many people lose their sleep as well for earning money. Some earn out of their need and some earn of out greed. There are people who want money to make their life more luxurious whereas there are certain people who earn money to get at least their basic necessities. In the process of earning money, people harm their body. Not getting enough sleep is one reason of stress which affects the body, people who hardly earn some money be in severe stress as they have this tension in their head that how ill they be able to earn their basic needs. Stress is caused due to many reasons, some people have money but some other issues which causes them stress, some people do not have money so in stress, some people stress out due to work load, some because of the disease they must be facing, some have peer pressure, some take stress of studies. The level of stress depends upon the type of people or you can say generation. People of middle aged face certain stress issues whereas teenaged kids have their own reasons of stress and again the old aged group have different reasons.

Teenaged group- Research says that teenagers or students faced a high level of stress due to studies. Many children take a lot of tension when it comes to their studies. The education level has become so high that every person tends to be stressful because of it. Nowadays, getting a high grade is the only option for the students if they actually want a job in a good company otherwise scoring fewer grades can only lead to unemployment. Not many of them are blessed with a good brain, even after striving hard if the student does not get good marks, he or she attains stress. You might have heard kids attempting suicide; it is because of this pressure or stress. Many of them get addicted to some bad habits, they get addicted to smoking cigarette and drinking alcohol. They tend to think that they can help release the stress level in them.

Middle aged group- People of this age group are probably the ones who are married and have got their own family. Having a big family increases the level of stress in a person. Educating each child is mandatory. One top of that daily expenses are so much these days, the person faces a high level of stress. Even people of this age group tend to get into all the bad habits which they think reduce the level of stress in them.

Old aged group- When your parents become old, it is your duty to take good care of them just like they have taken good care of yours. These people tend to have certain disease. some of them are usually asked to leave the house or and simply send to old age homes. Experiencing stress in old age can be harmful. The person can tend to face several diseases which can be harmful if considerate their age.

There are many things which can help you lower the level of stress.

Food is said to be one of the important aspects of stress busting. There are certain food items which helps your body to release stress out of it and making it a healthy body like before. Some of them are- Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Zinc, Folic Acids, Antioxidants, etc. They help the body release the stress as stress directly affects our physical health.

Stress management is one of the important factors. Every person faces stress. Stress is something which can never ever be avoided by any person good and bad both times lead to stress, you can never get away from stress, so better learn to deal with stress and understand the situation such as losing your loved one’s or facing financial crisis. They are there for just a short period of time so learn to manage to accept such situations in life.

 Taking stress has never benefited any person so always be stress free for a better life ahead.

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