Fibre is an ingredient which causes no harm if had it daily. Fibre is said to be one of the healthiest ingredient. The American Heart Association recommends people around the world to include 30 grams of cereal everyday with anything such as whole grains, fruits or vegetables or anything you would prefer for your breakfast. Rich fibre is said to be quite good for a person’s heart. It keeps heart healthy so start a day with rich fibre. If you have high cholesterol levels, have oatmeal it helps in reducing its effects on the heart. Oatmeal has all superior benefits.

According to a research, never skip your breakfast as it can cause many health issues. Eat breakfast daily to keep your heart healthy and free from health related problems. You will no longer crave for any sugary food item before your lunch if you have a proper breakfast every day. A recent research says that between the ages of 45 to 80 more than 1000 men have faced heart attacks. The people who skip their breakfast have around 25% of chances of getting a heart attack but there were very few of them who faced an attack who did not skip their breakfast.

Having your morning breakfast doesn’t take much time. So why skip it and create problems for your own self. Every research says that having your morning meal keeps the heart healthy, increases the mental strength and physical as well. Skipping breakfast can cause you many disorders. Do not suffer because of such a small issue which does not take much of your time too. This rule applies for both adults and kids as well. Having a whole grain cereal and oats as your breakfast can control the blood pressure as whole grain gives you good and sufficient amount of fibre which is proven to be very healthy for a person’s heart.


People who have their breakfast daily and on time are more likely to be less obese and it also helps in controlling their blood pressure. One needs to balance their diet properly for a better lifestyle. Proper food along with a proper exercise can help you live a long life. Having your morning breakfast lowers the craving of having any junk food which can cause harm. A healthy breakfast should include some boiled eggs, fruits most importantly, a healthy glass of juice, whole grain containing fibre. Many are obsessed to food. They face cravings every hour and in that process they make a habit of overeating. Overeating simply causes obesity. You start gaining more and more weight because of that. Having no breakfast is also harm and overeating also causes harm. You need to take proper care of all these points to ensure a healthy heart and body.

Often people are mistaken with dieting and skipping their meals that is they have this mentality that skipping their meals can bring them into the best possible shape they want. But the fact is that skipping meals can cause malnutrition and skipping breakfast can make you even fatter. It can cause you low energy and cause you blackouts as well.

A recent study in the year 2015 showed up that many people were prone to obesity due to skipping their morning meal. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day void skipping this meal to avoid health issues for your own self.

 A research also proved that kids who used to have oatmeal in the morning had a good and sharp memory. Oatmeal is very nutritious and healthy. Kids having a proper food in the morning can be full of energy all the time they can concentrate on their studies well and can improve their memory and be fit and fine by the time they come home.

There are many women who skip their breakfast due to their tight schedules of daily work or probably jobs. It becomes difficult for them to cope up with their proper meal. Such women are likely to face diabetes of Type 2.

The conclusion to this is that have your breakfast daily, a healthy breakfast containing all the food items which are healthy for your health. Avoid skipping your morning meal. Do not overeat and do not think losing weight by skipping your breakfast as it can make you even fatter than just making you slimmer in size. 






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